metalxmonkey (metalxmonkey) wrote in nauseating_jobs,

Skid Mark Row

Today at work (a dry cleaners) I had a large order to sort through. As I'm going through it, I come across a blouse that looked like it had a bra or something tangled up in it. We don't deal with undergarments, so I was about to try and untangle the bra when I realised that no, it was attached to the blouse. I figured it was a wrap around style of blouse, the type where you button either side around you, and it looked like this one had stretchy straps to do that.

Well I went to untangle it and to my surprise, that's not what it was.

This blouse is the type that is ALWAYS tucked in. It has straps to hold it on you, akin to a leotard. The strap I was going to attempt to untangle was on the front and on the back was another basically strap it under your crotch.

The strap was white...or was it?

Nope. Brownish.

Skid marks on a blouse...I've seen it all.
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