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Nauseating Jobs

Vile Stories

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This is community created to share the disgusting trials of where we work. The stories contained therein are accordingly not for the faint of stomach. You have been warned.


1. Do not name where you work, or make the company name obvious to guess. I will delete posts that name the place you are telling a story about. This isn't a place to spread slander.

2. This isn't to tell about the disgusting things you've done to others, but to share stories about grossness that has happened to you or to coworkers while on the job.

3. Cut-tags are *only* to be used for pictures or if the post becomes quite long...use sensible judgment for that restriction. People join this community with the knowledge that it will be kinda gross, if not completely disgusting. Why hide it?

4. NO FLAME WARS. I don't tolerate that. It's my community. Cope.